Who we are?


Carlo, Ramona & Fabian


The history of our custom made bindings began back in 2013. An exhausting kite session caused spasms in our feet and pain in our knees.

We analyzed the bindings on the market and quickly recognized the problem: there are only unisex models which have to fit everybody’s foot. As a result, important ergonomic features are not integrated in the pads.

The idea of ​​our custom made bindings was born. We wanted to launch the first kiteboard binding that is perfectly adapted to the rider’s foot providing optimal grip and direct boardfeeling in all conditions – making kitesurfing even more fun because your pads just fit.

First prototypes

During our mechanical engineering studies, we worked together with an orthopedic technician and his team on innumerable prototypes. The aim was to develop a binding that offers maximum comfort and support under orthopedic as well as kite-technical aspects.

To protect our concept, we filed a patent application in 2016.


ADICS Kiteboarding

In 2014, NG-Innovations GbR was founded to distribute the FeelGood binding under the brand name “ADICS Kiteboarding”.

PADICS Kiteboarding

Over time, we noticed that our brand name Adics actually skips past our core product the “PAD”. For this reason, we have decided in July 2019 to rename our brand in PADICS Kiteboarding.

In addition to the name, we have completely renewed the corporate design and added the SIZED LINE to our portfolio.

One thing remains the same: the bindings with the best fit!


Launch of model GRIP

After uncountable sessions focused on testing new prototypes PADICS launched it’s second model GRIP in Jan 2021.