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General questions

You have bought the new GRIP and now you want to know how to assemble the various components that are included in the delivery? In our video we show you step by step what to do:

For this case, a certain amount of leeway is included in the design of the CUSTOM and SIZED pads. This makes it possible to ride with neoprene shoes.

Basically, the pad is designed so that mounting on any board on the market is possible.

To make sure that your board really fits, please check the hole spacing of your board with our dimensions:

GRIP: 148 – 165 mm

FEELGOOD: 144 – 165 mm

Since we design and manufacture our pads ourselves, we can also produce special designs such as heel elevations or similar.

Depending on the effort, this leads to additional costs. To estimate this better, please contact us via email or phone.

The damping is realized in the basic foam, there are no further damping inserts installed.

The ergonomic shape of our pad leads to an optimized pressure distribution. The pressure is no longer introduced through your heel, but over the entire foot area. As a result, an additional damping element is unnecessary.


How does the order of the CUSTOM binding work?

For the production, we first need your footprint. We will send you our footprint-box with a return slip. In this video you will find a guide. After we get the footprint-box back from you and we received the payment , we begin the production. This can take up to 4 weeks, but usually we are faster.

The pads are customized to your foot, so we can not take them back and resell them.


To determine the appropriate size of the SIZED LINE, please print out our SizeFinder >> click here <<.

Unfortunately, if you can not determine a definite size, your foot will not fall into our standardized design. In this case, the CUSTOM LINE would be the right choice for you.

You can return our SIZED LINE when they are in a new, unused condition.

We do not cover return shipping costs. This is because we are a small company and cannot afford to offer free shipping and free return shipping at this time.

This is due to the settings of your printer. Please make sure that there is no size scaling active in the print settings and that you print a 100% size.

Recommended paper size: A4

This is not a problem and with most printers not otherwise possible. Since we know that your heel – as well as the print – is flush with the wall, it fits. It is important that the paper does not disappear under a baseboard and thereby the result is falsified.

If that’s the case, just order both sizes. Then you can try both pads and decide for yourself which suits you better. The other one just send back to us.

Please note: We do not cover return shipping costs.

Alternatively, you can also send us a picture of your marked points. We will help you with the size selection.

Unfortunately, the toe grip of our SIZED LINE will not fit to your feet. In this case, we recommend our CUSTOM LINE.

You are also welcome to send us the print, and we will advise you on how to proceed.