The concept

Mass-produced unisex kiteboard bindings are made for the broad market and therefore can not fit anyone as each foot is unique. Why should you ride with a unisex kiteboard binding, if you also wear shoes in your size in everyday life?

We have completely redesigned the traditional pad shape and developed an patented pad concept, that evolves in our two models.


We are the world’s first manufacturer of customized kitesurfing pads based on the rider‘s feet. With the CUSTOM LINE you will get a unique pad based on your own footprint.

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For the SIZED LINE we have developed a size scaling which allows you to determine your correct size.                                                                                                                                                                             

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The CUSTOM LINE and the SIZED LINE have one thing in common:
The unique pad concept of PADICS

Zehengreifer der PADICS Kiteboarding Bindung
Zehengreifer der PADICS Kiteboarding Bindung

1. Toe grip

The toe grip follows the anatomical line of your toes. Therefore, every single toe can transfer power to the board via the footpad. The size-dependent or individual design allows a bigger and higher design of the toe grip compared to conventional bindings. This significantly increases its advantages:

  • The general enlargement of the toe grip causes an active curvature of the toes, which allows a natural, effective grip.
  • The flat outlet to the front prevents fatigue or cramping of the muscles when gripping. In addition, the strap as an opponent provides an optimal passive hold during jumps, as the toes are pressed onto the flat spout.
  • The steep edge on the side of the heel prevents the foot from slipping forward during difficult landings.

2. Pad

The pad helps to raise the front arch, which has often sunk in forefoot complaints. If the anterior arch sinks, the load on the condyle of the forefoot increases, causing pain and discomfort to the ball and forefoot. Our pad provides a pressure relief and ensures a comfortable fit.

Pelotte der PADICS Kiteboarding Bindung
Laengsgewoelbestuetze der Padics Kiteboarding Bindung
Laengsgewoelbestuetze der Padics Kiteboarding Bindung

3. Arch support

The arch support actively supports your feet and provides a larger tread area. The load is  distributed more evenly and thus less. The downward sinking foot is returned to the natural curvature. The foot lies on a large surface and the forefoot is relieved.

Since  it comes to a perfect form fit between your foot and the pad, the convulsive jamming between footpad and strap is a thing of the past. The metatarsal  muscle is relieved, preventing cramps and pain in the feet. In addition, the ankle and knee joints are relieved.

4. Heel lock

The special shape of the heel area supports the foot tissue and keeps the heel bone stable in its natural position. Our incorporated heel lock enables you to stand super secure in the binding.  There will be no  unintentional slipping out of the binding while riding or doing tricks any longer. In addition, you can actively control the board via your heel.

Querversatz der PADICS Kiteboarding Bindung

5. Transverse offset

The position of the feet changes depending on the riding direction. Of course we have taken this into account in the design of the pads by giving the foot a certain amount of space (transverse offset) to the inside. Your foot  does not stand rigidly in the binding in the binding, but can always find the optimal position.